KAWS:HOLIDAY 香港站提前游走 即日起結束訪港之旅



【KAWS:HOLIDAY 早退】「天氣不似預期,KAWS Holiday HK 撇先啦…!」主辦單位之一All Rights Reserved 主理人 SK Lam在個人社交網站宣布。

撰文:J.Lau | 攝影:Cliff Tsui



於3月22日(周五)正式游入維多利亞港後,KAWS:HOLIDAY COMPANION成為城中熱話,成為一時無兩的「打卡」熱點,當中首天更遇上漏氣小風波,不過同香港人一樣,堅毅不屈再被吹脹。還未「打卡」的你們,看到這裡已經太遲,因為主辦單位已正式宣布,原定3月31日上岸的KAWS:HOLIDAY COMPANION,因香港天文台預測未來周末將天氣不穩,為免影響KAWS:HOLIDAY的狀態和顧及所有海事工作人員安全,即日已提早離場。



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「天氣不似預期,KAWS Holiday HK 撇先啦…!」 👋❤️KAWS:HOLIDAY於維港香港站與大家共度悠閒一週,COMPANION感謝各位前來探望打卡的市民及旅客,同時亦辛苦這段時間每天從早到晚、無間斷在海上守謢COMPANION的海事工作人員。由於香港天文台預測未來周末將天氣不穩,為免影響KAWS:HOLIDAY的狀態和顧及所有海事工作人員安全,大會決定於明日(3月29日)完成香港站的旅程,提前游走。再次感謝各大單位、市民與旅客支持,期望下一站再與更多朋友見面✌️❤️ Time for KAWS:HOLIDAY to say goodbye… 👋❤️ before the upcoming unstable weather! After a week of relaxing time at the Victoria Harbour Hong Kong, COMPANION thanks all fans for visiting, with special gratitude to the marine staff who have worked and safeguarded COMPANION 24-7 non-stop at the harbour. In view of the upcoming unstable weather over weekend forecasted by Hong Kong Observatory, it’s time for KAWS:HOLIDAY to say goodbye to all tomorrow (March 29), to avoid any unnecessary circumstances of KAWS: HOLIDAY, as well as to ensure the safety of marine staff. Once again, we thank Hong Kong, all working partners, locals and visitors for the generous support. We look forward to meeting all of you on the next journey!❤️👋 @kaws ❤️✌️💪🏻@ARR.AllRightsReserved #KAWS #KAWSHOLIDAY #AllRightsReserved #AsiaMiles #DiscoverHongKong #HKArtsMonth

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